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TMO SecondSkins...Soft, lightweight, stretch-knit RETAINS body heat and keeps the cold out. The striking and distinctive appearance of these skins coupled with advanced thermal technology is hard to beat.
The flexible, thermally-controlled second skin.

Thermal Equilibrium
The development of TMO SecondSkins has been the result of the application of Thermostatics - the science of thermal equilibrium. Being "too cold" can ruin a dive for anyone. TMO SecondSkins are designed to achieve thermal equilibrium for the diver wearing a wet suit or for the warm water (80 º) diver wearing nothing but his SecondSkin.

The stretch and feel of the fabric, as well as the "cut" of the design, make TMO SecondSkins extraordinarily comfortable. These garments are completely non-restrictive and actually feel as though you're wearing nothing at all.

Skin Protection
Put on a TMO SecondSkin and protect yourself from scrapes, cuts, sunburn and other hazards.

SIZES: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large

Sizing will be the same as your T-Shirt Size.

Shipping Fees

To Order Over The Phone Please Call 1-800-786-5785 or 415-362-3443

Select Quantity: Select Size: Price: $99.95

The TMO Premium Tank Tote takes the work out of transporting heavy tanks to and from the dive site. In addition to being anatomically correct, the over-the-shoulder design frees the hands for other tasks.

The Tank Strap offers a unique sliding shoulder pad on a standard length adjustable webbing.

The heavy duty handle prevents the tank from rolling more than 1/2 turn.

Shipping Fees

To Order Over The Phone Please Call 1-800-786-5785 or 415-362-3443

Select Quantity: Price: $49.95

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