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Islands of Tahiti

This volume's lavish illustrations are complemented by detailed captions and eminently readable and fascinating text. By far the largest work to date, this book documents the tropical splendor and surprising diversity of the islands of French Polynesis not only by showcasing the familiar beauty of the better known Society Islands, but also the seldom visited Marquesas, Tuamotu, Austral and Gambier island groups. Christian and text author Bagnis, both with several books to their credit individually, have collaborated to explore the myths and realities of these fabled isles which have been alternatively touted as Eden or disparaged as Paradise Lost. This Major opus has quickly established itself as an important reference work on the islands of French Polynesia.

Islands of Tahiti. Photographs by Erwin Christian with text by Raymond Bagnis.
9-1/2" X 12-1/3", hard cover, linen, 288 pages, 265 color plates. Price $95.00

Select Quantity: Price: $95.00

Bora Bora, Impressions of an Island

Since settling in Bora Bora in 1965, Erwin Christian has kept his artistic eye as finely tuned as his camera, capturing the essence of his adopted island home's many changing moods and unique natural beauty. This self taught master of photography leads us on a journey of discovery from high in the air, out at sea and inside tropical forests. An accomplished diver, Erwin Christian takes us into the underwater world below Bora Bora's fairy tale lagoon and outside its protective reef. More than just a collection of stunning photographs of an island, this book is also a testimonial to his profound respect towards its inhabitants as reflected in the images taken during the Heiva festivities where he was able to successfully record that enviable Polynesian "joie de vivre".

Bora Bora, impressions of an island.Photographs and text by Erwin Christian.
8-1/2" X 8-1/2". hard cover, linen, 112 pages, 95 color plates. Price $75.00

Select Quantity: Price: $75.00

Marquesas, Images from the Land of Men

This book is the result of Erwin Chistian's photographic odyssey through the Marquesas Islands. Standing alone in the center of the vast Pacific Ocean, they are known to the Polynesian people as Te Henua Enana - The Land of Men. Following in the footsteps of James Cook, Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack Lndon and Thor Heyerdal, Christian was drawn to a world where modern civilization has not yet left its scars. A world where another artist, Paul Gaugin, lived and painted during his last two years of his life. The resultant images reveal the savage grandeur of the lush and rugged interior and the proud inhabitants of this isolated and mysterious cluster of islands.

Marquesas, images from the Land of Men.Photographs and text by Erwin Christian.
8-1/2" X 8-1/2", hard cover, linen, 98 pages, 95 color plates. Price $75.00

Select Quantity: Price: $75.00

Light in the Lagoon

This latest effort by Tahiti's master photographer reveals the pristine beauty of some of the more remote and largely unknown atolls in French Polynesia, and allows us the oppurtunity to join him below the translucent surface of their lagoons. There we come face to face with the fascinating inhabitants of this underwater wilderness of color and light. The often incredibly close-up images of marine life reveal the photographer's long familiarity with his subjects who seem to have eagerly posed for his camera.

Light in the Lagoon. Photographs and text by Erwin Christian.
8-1/2" x 8-1/2", hard cover, linen, 111 pages, 93 color plates. Price $75.00

Select Quantity: Price: $75.00

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