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US Sport Optics has just added a new and unique product to their existing line of All-In-One protective cases and retainer combinations: the "Mask Marsoop" (US and foreign patents pending). It operates like a regular mask strap, but when you are finished diving the strap quickly turns inside out over and around the mask to become a protective mask case that floats! The Mask Marsoop, will float almost every mask made. No more hassles looking for your case or worrying about sinking your mask. The strap quickly converts into the case so you can protect your investment.

No more problems looking for your case to protect your various optical goods, as the case and retainer are now one component. (Made of Neoprene)

Marsoops, the newest US Patented invention in eyewear protection. The Marsoop turns inside out over and around the glasses to become a case. This unique product is being billed as the missing link in eyeglass retainers. Regular retainers offer little protection from damage and hard or soft cases are bulky and rarely availble when you need them.

Made of neoprene that offers extra protection from damage and will float more that Croakies.

Converts Easily from a Case to a Retainer and Back Again.

Items are sold by the pair.
1 Dive Mask Case with 1 Eye/Sunglass Case
Black, Blue, Purple & Lime

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