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Sizing for Buoyancy

SM.............................. 20-30
MD............................. 31-38
LG............................... 39-46
XLG............................ 47-54
    Sizing for Fins

Sizes are based on
Mens shoe sizes
For womens sizes
subtract 2 sizes
Wms 8 = Mns 6

Ballistic, Nekton 2000 and Advantage features this special
Torso Rail system. This rail permits the diver to customize the
Sea-Era Harness to their own torso length requirements.
IDI is the only company to develop this type of torso
rail adjustment system in the diving industry.

To Order Over The Phone Please Call 1-800-786-5785 or 415-362-3443

Ballistic Ballistic Sea-Era Pack offers patented designs that produce outstanding fit and comfort. $399.99
Optional Ballistic knife Intended for use with the knife sheath on left pocket of Ballistic BC. $15.99
Advantage Back-mount version of the Ballistic which outperformed Dacor, Dive Rite, ScubaPro, Sea Quest, US Divers and Zeagle $399.99
Nekton 2000 Rated Best Buy Top Five by Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine August 1998 Issue $299.99
Optional Weight System Optional integrated weight system has two pockets and carries up to 40 pounds $22.99
Optional Redundant Bladder Simultaneous inflation, ready for use immediately. $104.99
Optional Dual Tank Bands Makes attaching two tanks fast and easy. $69.99
Paragon Testers choice and best buy in Rodales Scuba Diving. $199.99
Snorkeling Vest Made of dual bladder material for extra strench and longevity. $40.99
Osprey & Airtec Delivers an incredible amount of air. Brass second stage. $339.99
Osprey & Ice Breaker Balanced piston regulator meets most demanding requirements. $319.99
Osprey & Flowby Economical sport diving regulator. $172.99
Osprey & Icebreaker(Flowby) Icebreaker boot on first stage prevents freeze ups $209.99
Osprey & Nitrox(Airtec) The Osprey and Airtec with Nitrox $209.99
Osprey & Nitrox(Flowby) The Osprey and Flowby with Nitrox $182.99
Razor & Airtec Outperformed US Divers, Mares, Dacor, Beuchat, Sea Quest, and ScubaPro in Rodale's Scuba Diving $195.99
Razor & Ice Breaker(Airtec) The Razor and Airtec with Ice Breaker $209.99
Razor & Ice Breaker(Flowby) The Razor and Flowby with Ice Breaker $179.99
Razor & Nitrox The Razor and Airtec with Nitrox. $209.99
Razor & Nitrox(Flowby) The Razor and Flowby with Nitrox $169.99
Osprey Earned top ocean scores in comfort, dryness, ease of clearing and performance. Testers choice and best buy in Rodales Scuba Diving $94.99
Razor Lightweight second stage $87.99
Airstream Lightweight and cost effective plastic regulator $59.99
Airtec Icebreaker Tech Diving, sport diving - reliable ease of breathing $124.99
Airtec Nitrox Airtec for mixed gases $124.99
Flowby Excellent economical sport diving regulator $79.99
Flowby Ice Breaker Flowby regulator for cold waters $94.99
Flowby Nitrox Flowby regulator for mixed gases $94.99
X-3 Compact Console Brass housed pressure gauge, precision crafted depth gauge (altitude adjustable) and an independent floating compass $165.99
X-3 Compact Metric X-3 Console in metric $139.99
X-3 Compact EDG X-3 with Electronic Depth Gauge $174.99
X-2 Compact Console Pressure gauge and depth gauge $99.99
X-2 Compact Metric X-2 Console in metric $99.99
X-2 Compact EDG X-2 with Electronic Depth Gauge $159.99
Bravo-1 Console Automatically activated Dive Computer $299.99
Bravo-1 Wrist Bravo-1 wrist version $249.99
Power Play Technically advanced fin design channels water behind you $45.99
Frog Foot Original non-vented, power-channeling, ultra-responsive power fin $59.99
Power Fin Best buy and top performer - Rodales $49.99
Sea Power Full Foot SuperSoft conforming foot pocket $24.99
Ocean Power Full Foot Resilient and durable high quality plastic fin $24.99
5 MM Booties warmth and extra-ordinary foot protection $24.99
Crystal Vision Made for maximum visibility and comfort $49.99
AcuVue Swivel buckle system enhances sealing of the liquid silicone skirt $21.99
SeaQuence (Double Pane) Made with medical grade liquid silicone $29.99
SeaQuence (Single Pane) Made with medical grade liquid silicone $29.99
SeaQuence (Single Mini Pane) Small single pane $29.99
BlowHole Pro Snorkel Silicone non-flex contouring snorkel $9.99
Dry Pro-Flex Snorkel Newly engineered with splash guard $19.99

To Order Over The Phone Please Call 1-800-786-5785 or 415-362-3443

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