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Turtle Hatching

Home of the 'Saved From The Pot Turtle Project'

Welcome to the world of The Ecological Dive and Adventure Centre

We are dedicated to helping you find your way around the confusing world of foreign travel. The ultimate goal of any vacation is to have the most amazing time possible whilst spending the least amount of "dinero". There is however a big difference between cheap and inexpensive. We prefer offering the latter to out clients.

That's why our company is on this planet.....

Visit us at our centre in the Coyaba Beach Resort and you will see the difference... Or Click here to meet the Team.


Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

the Boat

Do you like; unspoilt reefs, seeing schools of fish rather than schools of divers, comfortable relaxed boat diving, personal service where you make friends and have a lot of fun, uncrowded boats of 5-10 divers and relaxing after the dive in a hammock telling the days stories of the deep? If this sounds like your kind of place then you are going to have a lot of fun at EcoDive.

As a PADI resort, we offer Scuba Instruction from a same-day discover program to Certification, Advanced Instruction and Divemaster Training.

pool session

Our experienced and enthusiastic Instructors will show beginner and sports diver the wonders of Grenada's reefs and wrecks. Grenada offers miles of reefs suitable for all levels of experience as well as wrecks. We have fairly frequently sighted Eagle and Manta Rays, Turtles and Nurse Sharks. For the experienced we have the largest wreck in the Caribbean - the Cruise Ship Bianca C. Lying in 160ft, we dive the deck which is 90 - 130ft. The Bianca C is 600ft long and sank in the early sixties. We also offer day trips to neighbouring islands for some truly spectacular diving - see 'The Isle de Rhonde' in the dive guide. We have snorkelling trips daily and, for the adventurous, run a diving and snorkelling night trip with underwater lights.

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Dive Travel & Bringing Your Dive Group to Grenada

Buggy Adventure Treasure Hunt

Follow our Map and Treasure Hunt your way around the island in one of our Toyota Buv Buggies. Bring us your treasures to receive a certificate of achievement. We can provide a driver/guide for the cautious.

EcoAdventure Treks


Our Trekmaster Mark will take you on a variety of treks to experience the rainforest, waterfalls, natural freshwater swimming pools, hot water springs and mountains of Grenada. We can set up a trek for your individual needs or you can join in on one of our organised adventures. Included is 'Wet and Wild'!! A forty minute Trek into the heart of the Rainforest will bring you to the first two of the Seven Sisters Falls. Below each fall there is a large crystal clear pool inviting you to jump in. Experience a natural massage under the waterfalls and try out a rainforest jacuzzi while listening to the howling of the monkeys in the trees above you. The Adventurous can climb up a Tree Root Ladder and swim, slide and clamber down all of the Seven Falls. A Picnic lunch follows then soak in a hot spring pool with ancient carvings on the surrounding rocks. Trekkers return with huge grins on their faces saying that it was an experience they will never forget. Don't miss it!!

Video Productions

Your adventure can be videoed for posterity both under and above the water with our all terrain underwater/above water video camera. Undrwater Videographer training is available.

Turtle Project


We at the EcoAdventure Centre want to help the turtles that are being slaughtered in Grenada. We have to find a way to work with the people whose livelihood depends on turtle fishing. We are working with the local fishermen and International Organisations to find a way around this dilemna. The project is now invloved in purchasing unharmed turtles from local fishermen, tagging them and returning them to the sea.


Bertha, one of the turtles freed by the project.

Animated turtle Animated turtle Animated turtle Animated turtle Animated turtle Animated turtle

In future we wish to be able to employ the fishermen to help us carry out research on the turtles in Grenada's waters. We are also working with schools to teach the children of Grenada about Turtle Conservation. You can help us by purchasing 'saved from the pot' t-shirts and artworks or making a donation at our centre at the Coyaba Hotel. Please do not buy any turtle products or eat at restaurants that sell turtle meat...

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A Poem

A Warning from an Old Lady

If I had to live life over
I'd try to make more mistakes next time
I would relax, I'd limber up
I would be sillier than I have been on this trip
I know of very few things I would take seriously
I would be crazier, I would be less hygienic
I would take more chances
I would take more trips
I would climb more mountains
Swim more rivers
And watch more sunsets.
I would eat more ice cream and less beans
I'd pick more daisies

A Poem by Jenny Joseph

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Grand Anse Aquatics, the Ecological Dive Centre, is located at the Coyaba Beach Resort, Grand Anse, Grenada.

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