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Dominica - Martinique - St. Lucia - St. Vincent & The Grenadines - Grenada - Tobago - Barbados

The southern islands of the Esastern Caribbean island chain remain one of the Caribbean's best kept secrets. Only an hour's flying time from the better known islands to the north, they offer sites infrequently dived, dive boats with six or fewer divers, and marine life rarely seen in more heavily dived areas.
(such as black coral, frogfish, seahorses and manta rays)

The focus of this comprehensive guide is on information; site plans, maps and photographs are used selectively to bring the diving to life, packing every page with the information divers need.

The guide lists 80 dive operators and 250 dive sites, with various dive sites on each island. Each is given a difficulty rating, an indication of which are suitable for diving without a local dive guide. The sites have all been dived by the authors, who describe the marine life you can expect to see at each spot as well as a giving brief but informative description of the type of dive, and the terrain and profile of the site. Some sites have accompanying maps as well.

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