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Molokini Island

Hawaii's Premier Marine Preserve

by Mike Severns and Pauline Fiene-Severns

"...is a hymn of praise to the small volcanic island cradled in the calm protected waters created by the close proximity of Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe. Over the past thirteen years Mike and Pauline Severns have had the opportunity to observe and photograph Molokini and its marine life on an almost daily basis.The more hours spent underwater, the more Molokini revealed, surprising visitors and scientists alike with its abundance and variety of marine life. Its mature coral gardens have been described as the most beautiful in the state. Rare and unusual inhabitants, some of which have never been photographed by divers, are captured on film, in addition to the more common residents and their behaviors. The lure of Molokini has been great in recent years, yet there is still little understanding of its ecology and its need of protection. This book entices and educates, presenting the diversity and uniqueness of the marine life to open the eyes of Hawaii residents and visitors alike." ------ Pacific Art and Travel.

Molokini Island -Hawaii's Premier Marine Preserve. Hardcover. 144 pages, 9" x 11", 170 color photos. ©1993. Pacific Books Publishing, Ltd. $30.00 Get a signed copy direct from author. Please specify to whom you would like the book(s) autographed

Select Quantity: Price: $30.00

Sulawesi Seas

Indonesia's Magnificent Underwater Realm

by Mike Severns and Pauline Fiene-Severns

"Mike Severns is an astonishingly talented underwater photographer who clearly holds a deep understanding of his subject. Now he and wife, Pauline Fiene-Severns, have produced a picture book that is stunning to the eye and captioned throughout with succinct, readable anecdotes from which flow accurate, sophisticated information. This is no superficial coffee-table book of clever images. The photographs and their subjects are so beautiful that a thousand words would not convey the impression their image has on the viewer. Severns is a master of his craft and his book demands to be looked at. Here is a feast of clarity, balance, shape, color, texture and simplicity." --- Garuda Magazine.

Sulawesi Seas -Indonesia's Magnificent Underwater Realm. Hardcover. 160 pages, 9" x 12", 150 color photos. ©1994. StaplesEcenbarger Publishing. $60.00 Get a signed copy direct from author. Please specify to whom you would like the book(s) autographed.

Select Quantity: Price: $60.00

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